Browsing the web @ work through a proxy is a problem

At my work they have set up proxy servers for im guessing security and monitoring purposes.

Instead of using the default browser (internet explorer) i downloaded firefox portable from and put it on my pen drive. It would connect automatically until I put it through a proxy as well.

My question is if I get my own proxy server and use that instead of the company one, would that be a serious breach of protocol and make the IT guys pissed?

the reason why i would need my own proxy is because i am pretty sure they are disrupting the feeds of streams, like the live streams of the world cup games and this sucks...alot.
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  1. ya it would.. Because (knock on wood) if you get a virus or back door Trojan, you are connected to company network so technically that black hat can see your company network as well because of your mistake.

    Maybe talk to the IT guys so they can release it for the time being
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    lol, you are going to need more than your own proxy for that to work, and since its regarding security, I can't give any hints on what else you need running...

    To answer the second question, yes they would be pissed if you breached their security... but if you were able to breach their security, maybe they should be taking lessons from you.

    Second, what network admin on a network would allow streaming video? I would block access too!

    My only opinion I can really legally give is to invest in a sling box, and port forward on your router at home... They are probably denying access to certain sites, and not necessarily protocols...
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