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I am getting really fed up Gigabyte or Intel products. I am the novice and conservative builder, and in the last 3 months have been experiencing media performance nightmares. The last great system build was 5 months ago building an 1100T AMD and MSI board at 16gb. Unfortunately I overclockedeathed the CPU and had my investors purchased another system which came to be a G1.Guerilla with 990x and a vengeance 24gb kit. Worked great for 4 months, but in my opinion the 1100T worked apps and windows faster. Perhaps because the G1 guerilla is gaming board whereas I am an hd video editor using after effects and premiere cs5 strictly. My video card was a gtx590 and I upgraded to an quadro 2000 card. The g1 couldn't recognize at all during boot. In fact no system boot started at all, no bios run protocol just blank with the CPU led on constant. Being fed up I went to rind a rampage gene iii and now they are hard to find with all these new processor generations out. So I had to get a x58a-OC because it's the only main board around here Istanbul to support 24gbmem and 990x. I just want to work and edit! I have no OC features turned on whatsoever. I have done almost all the win 7 ultimate updates and the windows load screen almost always lags I have to restart it. I'm just so frustrated. I have a feeling that if I install a regular sata3 7200 rpm drive in a 3gbs port everything will be fine, but I'm under the impression that my current 6gbs corsair gt 120gb on port 7 Marvell is fine. Help!
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  1. I would suggest you run memtest86+ To ensure that much ram is stable.

    Did you manually set the memory timings/voltage? It may be worth seeing if it is stable with just 1 stick installed.

    You should be able to boot fine off the Marvell controller. Did you install the latest marvel drivers from gigabyte?

    If you think it is the Marvell ports, you can always use the SSD on the Intel ports, sure they will not be as fast, but you will get an idea if that is the issue.

    Be sure to be using the AHCI move for all SATA drives.
  2. I'm really confused here, I noted several failed builds and your having issues with your G1.Guerilla BUT you list 990X; 990X is an AMD chipset which the X58 G1 doesn't have on the MOBO?!

    The Marvell 9182 ports are fine, but it's best to use the SATA3 port closest to the PCB which is the 1st port.

    The G1.Guerilla actually can support 48GB in 6X8GB. The Adobe products actually are accelerated by the GTX 580/570 and not the GTX 590; see ->

    IF the CPU Led is on then chances are either you installed some BIOS invasive Utilities e.g. Easy Tune6, Manually 'tweaked' the BIOS, or the HSF is improperly installed.

    When I see a chain of bad builds (problems) it might not be the hardware.

    Please post:
    1. Full list of components
    2. Exact problems.
  3. jaquith,

    i7-990X :) Or at least thats my hope.
  4. Thanks guys everything seems fine now. I have not yet attempted all the Windows 7 free updates. So I ditched the Corsair Force GT 120gb and instead installed the Barracuda XT 2TB 6gbs on Marvell Port 6. Everything is fine now. I knew it had to be the harddrive, maybe....

    My next step is to use the 4G auto button on my 990x (i7) extreme and see if it is still stable with the memory performance set to standard, then maybe turbo then to maybe extreme. however the bıos states that OCing with the mem on standard is better. so I dont know.

    What I really want is a Revo OCZ at the fastest possible but ıll wait until the price goes down. and thatll be a while over here in istanbul. this would be my alternative than using external RAID 0 harddrives using thunberbold technology. thats where the real editing is at!!!!!! supposedly the fastest Revo PCIe can outbeat a 10gbs transfer. ohhhh technology and marketing ı tell you...
  5. As far as i know, the X58A does not have Thunderbolt(and i own a X58A UD5).
  6. nukemaster said:

    i7-990X :) Or at least thats my hope.

    Duh me, the OP was talking AMD -- so I was thinking AMD -- then shifted to Intel.

    @tomiscool - sure like AMD or Intel if you change aka 'Tweak' the BIOS then sure you'll have issues.
  7. nukemaster said:
    As far as i know, the X58A does not have Thunderbolt(and i own a X58A UD5).

    Yes I was referring to Apple's Thunderbolt technology. It is extremely GREAT for professional media work. the PCIe thunderbolt card addons are expected Q2 of this year.

    By the way I am tempted to use Easytune 6's Level 3 profile. I am skeptic of this RED button press. I only have the stock CPU fan that came with my i7-990x extreme. Is that level meant for different cooling systems. I dont want to damage the CPU and at the moment its at the lowest default stock profile.

  8. Don't use the Utilities, too many known and BAD issues using them. OC'ing is easy and there so many guides for changing the BIOS. IMO - only use the BIOS.
  9. When you push the bus speed(base clock), you may have to drop the memory multiplier since it may push the memory out of spec.

    Take your time. And if you plan lots of overclocking make sure you get a decent cooler.

    For all technical purposes, Thunderbolt in an Intel product. Once SSDs and other devices get that fast, it will have much potential(Having DP as a part of it is a nice touch as well.).
  10. I have the Vengeance 1.5v 24gb kit 9-9-9-24 1600mhz. Isn't there a safe calculation that everyone can agree to? What is EasyTune 6 justification for speed boost? It gives me a nice comparison chart for Level 1 (current) to Level 2 to Level 3 being extremely way more powerful. However, there's no disclaimer about coolents if changed blah blah blah. Im afraid that even ıf I take my time I might do something bad. I just assume that hence Easytune 6 provides a fail safe method. The max it states in Level 3 is about 4.1ghz. Isnt that calculation by EasyTune examining my whole system? I rather have a software program make a guess. Im not after breaking OC records or specific numbers. I can go for 4.1 vs 5+ Again Im a video editor Im not savy lıke you guys!!
  11. There's nothing safe about EasyTune and it causes more problems than it solves. If the RAM was a full set of 6x4GB then Memory Multiplier -> 12 (1600 / BCLK 133.33MHz). CAS 9 typically auto sets well. Otherwise you can set DRAM Timings -> Quick and enter the CAS Timings. You may need to set the QPI/VTT -> 1.20~1.25v on 1.50v RAM with 6 DIMM slots populated.
  12. thnx jacquith. Is EasyTune 6's Extreme profile meant for the 990x Extreme CPU? or does EasyTune6 market 'Extreme' on purpose?
  13. EasyTune is bad regardless of the CPU; it's a dumb and problematic App that modifies the BIOS in a much poorer fashion than YOU can do yourself in 30 seconds. Worst it conflicts with the other manual BIOS settings you make -- analogy is 'too many cooks.'

    If you have problems then remember this post and what I'm telling you.

    Good Luck! :)
  14. Is the 990X multiplier not unlocked?

    Just pop into the bios and hit MIT(Ctrl+F1 before you go anywhere in the bios if you want all the extra options.), from there set your multiplier, it will not even mess with memory or overclock anything else.

    It is honestly just that easy. You may need to adjust the voltage, but as said above, manual entry into the bios will be far better in the long run.
  15. Then once you get the hang of it you'll do both, BCLK + CPU Multiplier.

    I have a 980X and do both, frankly I mess around with most of the DRAM/CPU/BCLK/Voltages it's a trial by failure until you get a feel for everything.
  16. thanks boys for your help. really appreciate it. I am using the Barracuda XT on port 6. everything is great and Im at 4ghz with no problems whatsoever. and my editing has never been better. ıts odd that the Corsair SSD 6gbs gave me problems all the time. interesting how a hard drive effects performace. again, the XT is 6gbs on a Marvell port.
  17. Check for a firmware update for the SSD, at the very least, it may be a good place to hold data being read for compression/editing(in general the input files are bigger then outputs).

    Hard drives do not take advantage of the sata 3 ports yet. They need much more density to do that(to think an old 40 gig would only max out a 35-50 megabytes/sec).
  18. Some of the Corsair SSD's were recalled, as I recall the Force 3 series with a certain S/N. If using an SSD with SATA3 then IMO place the SSD by itself on the 1st Marvell 9182 port and move ANY HDD to the Intel SATA2 port (first 4 SATA2_0~SATA2_3) and ODD (DVD) SATA2_4~SATA2_5 -- this is to prevent problems with AHCI + DVD. Further, any mechanical HDD on it's best day is 120MB/s~150MB/s in other words 1/2 SATA2 or 1/4th SATA3 speeds. The Marvell ports are shared so why take away bandwidth from any SSD.
  19. I too am using Gigabyte x58a-oc motherboard and I tried updating it to 5d BIOS. I too faced many problems regarding insatbility and caused many errors and crashes. This post I found on internet helped me a lot. You can too get help from here.
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