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Eyefinity setup problems

I'm running a HIS 5850 and I'm trying to setup 3 emachines ( 23 LCD monitors in eyefinity. I have two of the monitors run via DVI and the third has a passive display port adapter to hdmi to a DVI adapter.

I can get any two of the monitors to work at once, but not the third. In the catalyst control panel it shows the third display, but if I try to copy the main desktop to it I have to disconnect one of the others.

Does anyone have any ideas, short of buying an active display port adapter?
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  1. The workaround didn't work for me, probably because I'm going from display port to HDMI and they recommend going to VGA. I think I'm going to try this:
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    That will work. It's ATI Eyefinity certified (printed on the box). I have the same adapter from Powercolor and it wored right out of the box. Make sure your DVI connection is single link.
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