How to use two usb modem internet connections simultaneously on one pc

I want two connect two usb modem simultaneously on the same pc.How can I? help me.
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  1. Not enough information. Obviously you can plug in the two USB modems and use them, put how useful that is depends on what those USB modems are connected to. We don't really have the big picture here, what you're ultimately trying to achieve.

    For example, if each USB modem is connecting to its own ISP, you've successfully created two Internet connections. However, it's useless since Windows will only use one of those connections as its default gateway (i.e., for Internet access). The other is essentially ignored! So while technically everything is connected and working properly, it's a fruitless exercise.

    Again, give us the big picture.
  2. hi there,let me give a better picture on this question.
    i would like to ask if this works with the following:

    I have two usb modem A and modem B. modem A could download at max of 300kbps while B could download at max of 700kbps. Since I am a frequent internet user, Im planning to use this two modem simultaneously so that I could have a max speed of 500+300=800+kbps. But I dont know if this would work. I have read some post in this forum and its really interesting. The problem with usb modem is that, when you connect the modem A in the internet while modem B is currently running, Modem B is being disregarded right? So any fix for this? I was thinking of, say while im browsing and downloading, modem A would be use for browsing and modem B is for downloading. Or them may either share each connection for better performance.
    Ive been searching the net everywhere and have found some other informations like using network load balancing,i had also read this but its not yet clear inmy head. Sorry, this isnt my expertise so I would really appreciate the help in this matter, thanks a lot!!
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