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Hi all -

So, still planning my new build (see - I am going to go with MadAdmiral's suggestion for the 2 x GTX580 GPUs, and now I need to choose monitors.

I want an IPS display because I plan on doing a lot of web development, photo/video editing, etc... However, I also plan on gaming (BF2, FSX, BF3 when it comes out, etc...) - nothing competitive or too serious, but I want to make sure the monitor(s) I choose can handle the gaming without too much lag.

I am looking at the Dell U2711's (which I can get for ~US$825 right now) and the Dell U2410's. Is anyone running these on a gaming setup?

What about multiple monitor setups? Was thinking 2 x U2711's would be pretty sweet, but for the same price I can get 3 x U2410's and run them in 3D Vision. Anyone doing something like this?

The U2711 has 30ms input lag - is this very noticeable? I'm coming off a crappy NEC Multisync 17", so I'm sure it will be an improvement...

Any advice would be appreciated - it's a lot of coin to drop for monitors, and I'm kind of screwed trying to bridge two worlds (graphic design/gaming) - other alternatives are welcome as well, but don't want to skimp on the quality and don't want to go TN unless there's a really compelling reason (besides price)

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  1. Actually, I've been watching youtube videos of gaming using 3 monitors, and the bezels between screens are really distracting. How is this in practice, do your eyes "ignore" the bezels after awhile, or would I be better off with a 1 screen or 2 screen (gaming on only one screen, second one only for increased graphic design real estate) setup?

    Argh, so many choices...
  2. It's a tradeoff between image quality and response time. My son has the U2410 and it's just be honest however, if you come from an overly saturated TN panel to the Dell, it looks kinda washed out at 1st .... use if for a week tho and go back to the TN and your eyes hurt from the unnatural over saturation.

    For more on the responsiveness issue look here:

    As for the original build, I'd take a big step back for one reason. At least, I wouldn't want to pursue a warranty claim on those GFX cards with twin 580's on a 850 watt PSU. As you can see below, nVidia certifies only 1200 watt PSU's for twin 580's

    The biggest GFX I'd go with in either the 922 or an 850 watts PSU is twin 570's.

    If ya go with twin 580's, I'd strongly suggest either the following:

    Antec DF-85 or HAF-X
    Corsair AX1200 or Antec HCP 1200

    I'd be inclined to go with twin 570's using either:

    Antec DF-85 w/ CP-850 ($240 combo on newegg just expired ... come sback every week or so)
    HAF-X w/ XFX Black Edition 850 ($40 rebate expired 2/15)

    Both PSU's get 10.0 performance ratings on; the CP also gets an Editor's Choice award from

    I prefer the DF over the HAF.....I have also built with the 932, 922 and 1200 in the last 6 months but the DF-85 is my favorite.

    In looking at what's changed since ya did ya last post ......

    Can save coupla $ on the RAM

    As a side note, I put BR players on all builds over $2k, especially when the user lists video editing as a desired task....but that's a personal decision.

    Your Win Pro laptop license is most likely OEM and therefore I doubt it will be transferable to the new box. I';d stick w/ Pro tho.....often can be gotten for only $20 premium on newegg w/ promo codes.
  3. Hey - thanks for the PSU advice! I'll definitely check out those other options. Regarding the W7 license, I bought it aftermarket (laptop came with Vista) so I'm hoping I won't have any issues transferring it to the new build....worst case, I'll check out newegg for that $20 deal!
  4. OK - so, for now I've decided to go single monitor with the plan to add a second or third down the line. I just ordered a Dell U2711 for $820 shipped, pretty happy with that.

    Now - is there any other GPU setup anyone would recommend besides 2 x 580's? What about 2 x 6970's? I saw something that the 6970 might have an edge on very high resolutions (I'll be running the 2711 in 2560x1440 native), but everything else I've seen rec's the 2 x 580's as superior.

    Also, since I'll be waiting until March/April until the Cougar Point chipset issue is worked out, any new stuff due out in the next couple months I'd want to consider?

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