Where can I sell my CPU?

I bought two i7 2600k on newegg when it was for sale for $300 in hopes of building two machines. I ended up only being able to afford one build. Was wondering any forums where I can sell my CPU, I hate fleabay as they take about 15-20% of the items price.
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  1. ebay newegg etc..
  2. Craigslist?

    I'm not sure if a forum is a good idea. The one on toms is very small so it might not sell. And unless you have a rep on that forum selling it on a different one might prove to be impossible. (unless your willing to ship first, etc)
  3. thanks guys. didn't want eBay to make my money. I didn't realize there was a classified on the forums, usually only stayed at the top section of the forums.

  4. probably "ebay" is one of the prominent e-commerce,you can sell it
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