ATI 5870 Crashing

Alright I just got this ATI 5870 a few days ago. At first it didn't work and would crash, but then i changed some stuff and it worked fine. So I don't think the card is fualty.

Heres my specs:
Asus P6T mobo: it has a 16xlane PCIe slot, and it is in the correct slot.

Antec Quattro 850 watt psu: Have the two 6slot cable plugged in directly. So it's not a power issue.

Windows 7
6gb 1333mhz Kingston RAM
500gb HD
DVD drive

Nothing is overclocked or anything. The fan is working on the card. Ran at about an average of 68 C temps last night when it was working. Ran it on the 10.7 drivers. I'm still using those drivers now when it was crashing. It crashes to fast to see what the temps are now. Cant imagine that being the problem. I've changed nothing from last night. Any suggestions? ATI Overdrive is enabled. I actually am not sure what that is.

The crash I'm is a blue screen. Then it does a physical memory dump I think. Only happens in game, every game. Screen freezes for a sec, blacks out, blue screen. Help Please!
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    Blue Screen of Death, right?
    How many sticks of RAM did you have installed on your board?
    Try using only 1 stick, try all of them individually, see which one that gives you BSOD...
  2. Make sure the memory is manually set to the proper timings and voltages, if that don't solve it then test each stick individually
  3. It wasn't the RAM. Was an ATI driver issue. Got the problem fixed tho. Thanks for your suggestions!
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