Question on what to do with build.

I was in the process of making my build and already had everything I needed except for the CPU/MOBO and then right when I was about to order it SB got recalled. Now I'm confused on what to do.

I don't want to sit on these parts for 2 months with no real PC, I have a few options though. I could buy a 2500k and a defective Mobo and use it until replacements are sent out, I'll have 4 Sata 6GB/s which is more than enough. I could make a build with an i5-760 and upgrade again next year when LGA 2011 comes out, or I could make a build using a Phenom II X4 955 and upgrade to Bulldozer mid year or LGA 2011 next year.

Would a Phenom II x4 955 along with a 6950 2GB and 8GB of RAM be enough to max out games until I upgrade the CPU next year or will that CPU start to hold me back before then. I'm only going to use it for gaming and basic internet use.

All I know is I NEED an upgrade from my Athlon 64 3700+ lol.
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  1. You may have a hard time even finding an SB cpu/mobo. The i5-760 isn't a proc to scoff at, but I wouldn't suggest buying a cpu with the plan to scrap it after only one year, unless you have quite a bit of disposable income. That or at least a buyer lined up for your hand-me-downs!
  2. You waited too long. You skipped a few gens. Your old rig is good for a home server.

    If you really want sandy bridge, you have 2 options:

    1. wait for april when the fixed mobos are in stock.

    2. shop around at unsuspecting retailers for a 2500k + P67 combo. Hint: small computer stores. Some stores aren't still up to date on the SATA bug. You can swap the mobo for a good one for free. That way, you waste nothing & get what you want.

    Both reviews used LGA1136 as test platforms. Couldn't find Phenom ones. 955 will most likely lose out to both 920 & 970 in gaming. What games do you play? What's your budget? What's to be upgraded?
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