Ati 4850, 5670 or gts 250 which is better ????

i have budget to buy vga above, what do u think i should buy?
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  1. Ati 5670
  2. Harilal, if by best u mean the slowest of the 3, than yes 5670 wins.

    The 4850 and the 250GTS are both faster than the 5670, and by a descent margin.

    THe 5670 is not without merrit, its a very short card, and doesn't require and extra power connector, so it sucks in a good clip less power than the other two (less strain on the psu). It can also do DX11, but at the performance level, it might as well not.

    The 250GTS is marginally quicker than the 4850, and sucks marginally more power, in retrun the 4850 supports DX10.1 vs the DX10 for the 250GTS.

    Whichever is a cheaper, thast the one I would get out of the two. If you have a weak PSU, u might consider the 5670, otherwise skip it.
  3. Agree, from 3 options above:
    HD5670<HD4850<GTS250. GTS250 is just a little bit faster than HD4850.
    If you want to buy either HD4850 or GTS250, make sure you have enough power on your PSU...
  4. gts250 FTW. You can possibly get an ati 5750 for a similar price which gives similar performance to the gts250 but has the advantages of using less power and supports dx11.
  5. What is your budget and country?
  6. Quote:
    Go for ATI 5670 , its Best from those 3 , with new Technologies !

    Better options : 5770 < 6850 < 5850 < 6870

    if u get 4 that i listed , then u will Experience Smooth & great gaming .

    lol. why does 5670 is the best choice between the three? if OP looking something that doesn't need 6 pin power connector then it might be. just because the card incorporate DX11 and several others AMD new feature will not make it as a best choice
  7. if all the cards he listed above priced close to each other then HD4850 or GTS250 will be the better choice in term of performance. 5670 is near to 9800GT/HD4830 performance but using less power than the two. if DX11 is important to you then you're better of getting at least 5770
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