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Hi, I'm looking for a new graphics card mainly for WoW, but that will also run more modern games pretty well. My budget however is limited at $100.

Intel Pentium E5300 / 2.6 GHz (Dual Core)
MS Windows Vista Home Basic 64-bit
6GB Ram
Intel GMA X4500 (integrated I think)
1360x768 resolution

Right now I can barely run WoW decently on the lowest settings and really wish to play newer releases aswell. Any advice is appreciated.
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  1. You have impossible requirements, it is hard to get a decent gaming gpu for 100$-

    Your best choice in that pricerange would be a GT240.
    It has similar power of a 8800gts but with less power consuption, heat.

    Good Luck!
  2. Get a decent CPU cooler for 30 dollars like this one
    and with the rest get a HD 5670 512 MB
    Overclock that e5300 to 3 around 3.4 GHz and you've got a decent gaming solution for 1360x768.
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    What PSU do you have? GTS 250 and HD 4850 are similar in performance. They are better than GT 240 and HD 5670, but consume more power (so you would have to have an additional power connector from your PSU) and are a bit more expensive. I would suggest the GTS 250, but only if you have an additional power connector and the required money. The next recommendation would be the HD 4850 > HD 5670 > GT 240.
  4. I believe my PSU is 300W, but not entirely sure. So what would I need in order to make the GTS 250 and HD 4850 work?
  5. You would need to buy a new PSU with at least 450W. That would cost 50$ and more, I think. HD 5670 would be the best for your current PSU.
  6. Ok, thank you for the advice. How well would the HD 5670 run on something like WoW?
  7. wow needs more cpu power than gpu power
  8. I have a 5 year old PC and an even older card, I still play games like Mario and Battle City :D just kidding :) It will be playable at least. Here is a video of someone playing wow with a HD 5670:

    The video quality is not that good, but you can see the performance anyway :)

    Good luck and have fun ;)
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