Ok. Short and sweet. My cpu got stuck to my heatsink and got pulled out if the socket with the latch still down. Now the damn thing won't boot. No beeps either. CPU still gets hot but that could just be the voltage going to it right? Anyway is it the CPU or the mobo that's messed up? It ran fine before this happened. Frustrated!!!!
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  1. I think that you broke the socket. The CPU might probably be gone, but you'll have to check that to be sure.
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    What CPU is it? If its and AMD or an older Intel with pins you will want to check if all of the pins are still on the CPU and not bent.
  3. Wouldn't no beeps indicate a bad board? Or broken socket?
  4. Ok, anyone with this problem! MAKE SURE THE CPU PINS ARE PERFECTLY STRAIGHT AND THE CPU IS COMPLETELY SET IN THE SOCKET! I feel like a totally D-bag right now. The cpu was sticking out the slightest bit and now everything is fine. I had the use the Jumper and pull the power and battery about 6 times before I could even get the No Memory three beep. Thank the electronic gods I kept messing with this. I thought my CPU or MOBO was completely fried! Thanks you guys!
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