Setting up the NZXT Phantom

I'm new to pc building and i just got all my components in and started installing them, ive got my motherboard (Sabertooth P67) in the case (NZXT Phantom) But i dont know where to connect the panel connectors.. like for the reset button and fan controllers ect... could someone explain to me what and where all those connectors bundled in the bottom of the case go, or tell me where i can find the information?

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  1. It's all in your manual. It will cover step-by-step where the pins are on the board and which way to plug them in.

    Read the manual.
  2. ^like he said it's in the motherboard manual. Plus ur mobo should've come with a lil bag of connectors. The manual will tell u which of those will make it easier.
  3. I have just bought a Fatal1ty Z68 and it comes with 4 CPU fan connector. 2 For CPU (USED) and 2 others. I have seven fans 2 are connected by Molex. Two on mother board and 3... well they look cool but don't do anything. Also on the back of the Phantom is a nother bunch of Fan-Connector for the fan-controllers... What the hell do you do with them. Manual?...What Manual
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