Help me choose a GTX 460

I'm going to buy a gtx 460 pretty soon and i have a few options and don't know which one to choose:

1) Gainward 460 GTX 768mb
2) Gigabyte 460 GTX 1gb - the oc version that starts out with 715mhz core speed and it's $35 more than the gainward
3) Leadtek 465 GTX - poor clock speeds on this one - $45 more than the gainward
4) MSI HAWX TALON ATTACK 460 GTX - $50 more than the gainward
5) Gainward 460 GTX 2GB - 60$ more than the 768mb version

I have an i5 core, a 1920x1080 monitor and don't care too much about AA. The thing that troubles me is that i've seen the tests and there's a big difference between cards using the same 460GTX GPU, so it's about choosing the right value/price card that works best when OC (i won't keep it stock).

From what i read, the gainward is pretty good (and cheap), the MSI everyone says it's the best and about the gigabyte people say it's silent (in full load i don't care how silent it is, coz the the speakers are turned up high when playing games). I think the MSI and the Gigabyte are the best ones - but which one is the best? I mean it's a $15 difference - if that results in a 2-3 fps diff. in games, it's not worth it

So, game performance for the money, best OC, will use a single monitor so no fancy resolutions here.

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  1. PS: also found a Gigabyte nVidia Geforce GTX-465 1GB - $50 more than the gainward 786
  2. mmm.. no EVGA?.
    i would go with the
    2) Gigabyte 460 GTX 1gb - the oc version
  3. There's an EVGA GTX 460 1GB, but it's almost $60 more than the gigabyte 1GB
  4. I would prefer the Asus Direct CU 1GB GTX 460.It stays very cool and its a nice overclocker. If its not available get the MSI Cyclone GTX 460 1GB.
  5. Thanks for the replies your guys - i can only choose from the 6 models i have entered above - they're getting some big discounts for the holidays
  6. Also, got my eyes on a Palit Daytona nVidia GeForce GTX460 SONIC 1024MB which seems to be really good at stock speed and in OC - price around the gigabyte and msi
  7. dont get a palit, they are cheap. MSI is very good, very good reviews! Get a cyclone or hawk
  8. Yea, palit is built pretty poor. I just can't find a chart or something where the msi hawx is compared to the gigabyte one (both in standard and oc - mostly interested in the oc) - would make things much easier
  9. Gainward GTX 460 1GB "GS" and OC it to the "GLH" edition. Same cards exactly
  10. Gigabyte if you do not plan to sli them, MSi for SLI. (because of the coolers)

    I would suggest you buy the gtx470 Gigabyte OC version, that's a real monster and the fans setup allows you to sli them in the future.
    But it is a little more expensive.

    One more thing, if you play at resolutions above 1680x1050 then buy a 1Gb model. If not the gtx460 768 Mb model will suffice.
  11. i think leadtek brand is better because i already use it and it do not come with bad result. For game just cause 2 with 1366x768 and power supply 24A it give avg 30fps.
  12. well i went with the 1gb evga scc edition. and it runs everything i throw at it. no problem. cants wait until i sli. its 200 right now and well worth it. runs sc2 with my i7 950 at over 120fps. i run rift between 60-90 fps maxed out.
  13. Dig much??
  14. Palit Sonic is high-quality, they probably use only on original cards low-quality components to make the prices lower. That MSI is damn FTW, it's so good OCer, probably has one of the best coolers etc, imo best choices for you are MSI and GIGABYTE, i'd go for MSI if you won't OC, or if you aren't as lazy as i am for GIGABYTE and OC it :P
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