Port Forwarding Using a Linksys WET610N Wireless Bridge

Hello All,

I've been looking for some time now in regards to this question and I can't come up with any results. I have a Netgear Router connected to a cable modem acting as DHCP router for all computers connected and IP

I have two computers which take addresses and The DHCP server is set to allow - Regular port forwarding using the web console works fine to all wired servers - lets say

Now heres the tricky part. I have a DVR for a security system which would normally be wired and configured to forward both ports 2000 & 3000 to a static ip lets say so to call from a browser

Unfortunately I cannot place the DVR in a wired location so I recently purchased a Linksys WET610N Bridge to place it onto the wireless network. I set on the router to take the position as the static ip : and on the primary router I set the port forwarding to access the ip. But the ports still will not be contacted. I tried to set the bridge to DHCP and still no success. The settings on the DVR are set to the static ip address (as if it was wired directly to the router). I have also tried using the DHCP setting on the DVR (to take DHCP from the bridge which is designated to the static ip

Keep in mind when trying to solve this problem is that the DVR system has a designation for DHCP or Static IP (with ip/gateway/subnet choices as well as port number config) as well as the wireless bridge which is connected to the router (ip / subnet / gateway).

What settings should I be using?
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  1. It seems you have a basic misunderstanding about how the bridge works.

    All the bridge is doing is allowing its wired clients to reach your primary router (and its DHCP server) via a wireless connection rather than wire. The fact the bridge itself has its own IP address is of no interest or concern in getting access to your DVR. The bridge’s IP address is only meaningful for managing the bridge. All the wired devices behind the bridge are getting their IP assignment from the router’s DHCP server in exactly the same way as before, it's just a wireless connection instead of wire.

    That's a long way of saying that you don't port forward to the IP address of the bridge. You port forward just as before, to the IP address of the DVR.
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