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i am planning to get a xfx gtx 260 black edition overlocked. i later want to add another and run them in sli.
i have a corsair 750w sli ready power supply im just wandering if it will be good enough to run these two cards in sli. if so will it be to much strain on the psu. thanks

please can someone reply because i keep asking the same question and no one has replied.
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  1. Nooo don't get old cards like the gtx 260 save some money and get a gtx 460.
    and yes that psu can handle it.
  2. Agreed, Go for something newer. You wont regret it
    But if you MUST go with another 260... Yes it should be enough
  3. oh and yes the psu can handle it.
  4. I can say absolutely that buying two GTX 260's is not the best use of your money.

    If you only buy one you MAY find a deal. It won't run most games above MEDIUM settings though which is what it sounds like you want.

    It's almost always best to buy a single graphics card and only invest in SLI or Crossfire if you need more power than the fastest card can provide (at which point you need a high-end CPU to handle the load).

    What you should do is look at the chart I provide then find benchmarks comparing cards.

    The older GTX 260 is not very efficient, is far louder than the ATI cards and doesn't have the latest DX11. DX11 for tesselation is going to get far more popular.

    I don't know what your CPU is so I don't know what cards you support. (an older X2-4800+ can't handle more than an HD4770). A new i7-860/920 can handle a 2xhd5870 setup though on some games it may need overclocking.

    I'm very pleased with my HD5870. I had to choose between ATI for low noise and power and NVidia which had PhysX and better Tesselation but noise was too important.

    Whatever you planned to spend on the two 260's you should put into a single, newer card.,2782-7.html

    *Note the HD5850, which is only $250 is 2 levels above the GTX260 in raw performance, but is also very quiet, and has DX11, OpenCL support, and UVD2 for hardware video playback. Even web pages such as IE9 will have support not offered on the older graphics cards which includes rendering the fonts and graphics on the video card which provides a very smooth scrolling experience.
  5. thank you for the replys and yes i would perfer to get a gtx 460 but i cant afford it im 14 lol.
  6. I should add that my i7-860 (almost same as 920) only uses between 30% and 50% for most games. A less powerful CPU can still run games about the same when paired with an HD5870. Too bad there isn't a list showing which graphics cards a particular CPU supports, but there are Performance Charts for CPU's you can Google. If your CPU has a score of at LEAST 50% of mine then you should be okay.
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