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Hi guys, my old 8800gtx fried yesterday and I'm probably going to buy a 470gtx, my system is not that power hungry, have a 8400 (barely clocked) and some asus P5E or whatever, my PSU is only 550W but as far as I've searched they say that a system using an i7 and top mobos with that card being stressed as hell, it draws about 430W-450w. Tho I'm worried about the Amps it says it has (+3.3v 35A, +5V 40A,+12v1 16A) at 230V,+12v2 18A, -12V 0.8A, -5V 0.5A, +5VSB 2.0A.
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  1. It should work.I will however stay away from any overclocking on that PSU if it isn't from a reputable brand.What PSU is it?
  2. Its from corsair
  3. LuoSKr4D said:
    Its from corsair

    Not according to the rail ratings that you provided in the first post
  4. wait its from LC power the corsair is on my other computer, the ratings are still the same tho
  5. 550 watts meets the minimum required power supply for a GTX 470 on a system with an overclocked CPU.
  6. I know this is abit off the topic now but, what would you guys recomend, since I'm not really thinking about either going Xfire nor Sli, and my budget is arround 250 euros max, should I go with the hd6870 instead or should I even go for a cheaper one like 460 or hd6850
  7. The GTX 470 should work as long as you dont do any overclocking.
  8. Seen the MSI N470 GTX Frozer II on Ebay for $248 with shipping.
  9. neckbone123 said:
    Seen the MSI N470 GTX Frozer II on Ebay for $248 with shipping.

    $100 less than the GTX 570 is just about the right price in the new hierarchy of Nvidia cards. That is a good deal for a very good card.
  10. You used to be able to get it for that price retail from Newegg (if in the USA) though it looks like that deal passed.
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