My pc freezes and restarts when i have more than 1 program running please help

hi there i have a dual core 2.8ghz PC with 2gb ram and running xp, for some reason my pc just slowed down and now it freezes and restarts, i have done numerous virus scan with different anti-viruses but its not picking up any virus therefore i think the problem is with my pc please help
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  1. Does it bluescreen?
  2. Althought there are many possibilites I would start by checking the memory.
    run a memtest on it. If its fails run it with only 1 stick of ram and then repeat until you've tested all your ram sticks.
  3. Also... temps? (HWMonitor or RealTemp)
  4. Check your hdd
    run cmd sfc/scannow in safemode
    also run the hd's diagnostic software(free) from the vendors site.
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