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470 gtx Freezes computer

The computers specs are:

Core 2 Quar Q6600
Gigabyte GA-ep35-ds3l intel p35
PC Power and Cooling S61EPS 610W Power Supply

The problem is that with my old video card, an MSI 8800 gts 512, the computer ran, and still runs if i switch to it, perfectly.

As soon as I put the 470 in, as the computer boots up freezes like 4 lines into the Post when the computer is running the memory test.

It gets as far as wirting "Memor" instead of "Memory 405955858" or w/e its supposed to be.

This does not happen when you restart the computer because it does not check the memory on restart. It also does not happen every time. Ide say about 50%. It could even have a good day and not happen at all.

It also freezes completely randomly when in windows. I could either be playing a game, or 5 min after bootup.

Now things ive done to try to fix this...

Updated bios
swapped out memory for completely different type
ran in dual channel/linear
checked all voltage settings/timings
replaced cmos battery/loaded defaults
Completely stripped down the computer to nothing (all fans too)
Removed all drives/anything that could be a problem

If anyone has any idea please let me know

* I forgot to add, that Ive since used the 470 in my other computer for a few weeks w/o any problems. Its not the card.
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  1. I see you've tried everything, andit doesn't happen at all when using the 8800gts?

    Only thing i can think of is the PSU, borrow the psu from you other computer and try it in your main rig, with the gtx470 in.

  2. Thats the bootup problem. Sometimes it locks there forever, other times if you wait 5+ minutes it will load into windows

    If you power off the computer completely for a short time, the chances of it freezing there go up alot.

    Restarting the computer, or shutting it down and starting it again immediately usually doesn't create the problem

    Heres the screen if it does not freeze:

  3. The second screen looks perfectly normal, maybe the PSU is underpowered for the card, I know PC P&C makes good psus but you've ruled out everything else already.

    Download and install HWmonitor, then with the gtx470 in try playing a game for a few minutes when it's running in the background. Post max and min voltage of the 12v here
  4. Ware do people buy these funky ass brands????? Maybe if it costs $20 there might be a reason, who know these days? It is your psu no doubt and the GTX470 alone uses roughly 225w from the 12v rail.
  5. PC Power & Cooling is one of the top psu brands out there... and the 470 gtx card is an EVGA

  6. A bit on the high side ( +/- 5% is considered normal, it's right on the mark) but nothing of concern.

    Try what I said borrow the psu from your other system and see if it still happens
  7. That psu is tied down by 50 or so zip ties >.>

    What are the odds that this is a motherboard problem? or something else?

    I would rip the psu out of this computer to test w/ but i plan on rebuilding it sometime soon and the idea of going w/o a computer and rebuilding 3+ times in a week....

    Im tempted to just order a new PSU but ide like it to not be for nothing.
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    IF there aren't any problems AT ALL with the 8800gts in, no freezes no nothing games run perfectly then it's not the motherboard nor the memory or drives or anything else. And as the gtx470 works perfectly on the other computer it all comes down to the psu, being a much power hungrier card than the 8800gts
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  10. Thanks for the help
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