Single Channel Memory issue with two ddr3 slots

Why is my computer only starting in single channel memory mode?

I just installed a brand new AsRock H61M-VGS motherboard, a new intel i3 cpu, and a new graphics card as well as two 4gb ddr3 ram modules. I should have 8 gb of ram, but on startup the bios tells me the computer is in single channel mode and I can't figure out how to make the computer use both slots. The motherboard only has two slots (both occupied by a 4gb stick and they are identical) so I'm not sure what the issue is. Any tips or answers?

It says it's a 1066 and if I change the sticks around nothing changes. The bios still reports only single channel and that the first slot has 4gb ram and the second has none; regardless of me switching ram so clearly both sticks are in working order... the system just isn't using the second slot for some reason.
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  1. Memory mapping or "unganged" should be enabled in the bios; try one of those settings or check them out. Also set the ram speed in manual mode. Then check the speed with cpuz, a small windows file.
  2. How would you go about doing any of that? My bios is now the default Asrock bios and not the normal windows bios and it does not have any options regarding the memory that allow me to change such settings. No memory mapping or "unganged" options or selections exist and I am unaware of how to set ram speed.
  3. Search the "advanced chipset" section or similar title; you'll eventually find the manual ram fsb and voltage setting. It's there; only takes a few minutes to scroll down each bios section and check each setting line for line. Press the "del" key at posting and enter the board bios with bluescreen or gray background
  4. The problem is I'm not getting into the normal Bios setup, I'm getting into the bios of my new motherboard. UIEF settings or something instead of bios and it doesn't have any of the features you're discussing. Is there a way to get to those through this motherboard? I even tried updating the bios and it's still only letting me use the mobo's manufacturer's own bios system which lacks anything regarding chipsets, ram, etc. I can get to boot settings and mess with other settings like power consumption but nothing about changing my ram, speed, disabling on board vga, etc.
  5. page 18 of the manual says if memory are the same it should autodetect dual channel did you buy memory module in the list supported by the card and are both module the same
  6. Yes Scout I did. I requested a replacment. I have assumed the issue must be with one of the sticks not being what it's supposed to or that they just aren't identical as they should be. They came in the same package and meet all my motherboard's specs so it has to be a defective issue. If the new ram doesn't work I'm leaning toward the second slot on the board being defective but I've had this issue in the past with my old motherboard when I bought ram so it is likely the cause. Thanks for the replies.
  7. Okay, so I returned the ram sticks and got two of the same, and still having the same issue. Any suggestions or do you think the motherboard came with a faulty dimm slot? is the ram installed. Any help would really be great.
  8. could you try the other slot channel 2 if they do not work means the board is having a issue try rma
  9. I actually checked the board's supported memory sticks and the ones I purchased weren't listed. I am not sure if that would be the reason but I rma'd the sticks and purchased ones that were listed as supported. If that doesn't fix the issue then I'll have to rma the board. Thanks for the input.
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