FX CPU + Motherboard Compatibility help(bios help)

OK, Heres my Motherboard
GA-M68MT-S2 (Gigabyte)

MY CPU will be the FX 4100 QUAD CORE. It is on sale so I decided I should get it.

The board is AM3+ but on the Gigabyte website, it says if you want to use the FX processors, you must update your bios. How exactly do you do you update your bios? Can someone walk me through it?

I don't wanna buy it, then i can't get it to work. Thanks everyone!

Heres build:

FX 4100 3.6GHZ CPU
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  1. You'll need another am3 cpu to flash the bios; I use two sempron 140 single core cpus in both my systems. This is a good choice for flashing. Most venders won't do this before shipping, since they don't want to handle the board and break the static bag open. You may also be able to send the board to gigabyte and they might update the bios for you. Best advice is to borrow a cpu from a friend and let him talk you through the flash process. Until you decide which method you want to use, I won't include the procedure, but a video instead:
  2. Thanks so much!!! The video looks reliable !!
  3. Quote:
    do not get that chip FX-4100 you will be disappointed.
    spend the extra dollar or two and get a 965BE or 980BE, you'll thank me if you do..

    also look for a better option in motherboard..

    Why not? And the motherboard is my only good option. Sorry, this is for my friend trying to stay under 470. (They already have Windows 7, Harddrive, Monitor, Keyboard+Mouse+Speakers)
  4. Oh so its not as good as the Phenom II series then..good point. I guess Ill go for the Phenom 955 or 965. Thanks for the advice.

    Weird how everyone made the bulldozer such a big deal and they suck, haha
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