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12Gb of ram on sabertooth 990fx

I currently have this installed in my system
whuch is a 8 Gb kit. 2/4 kit

my question is can i use a 2/2 kit for a total of 12 with the ram i currenty using ?
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  1. No reason to do 12gb on ur system... I suppose unless your a crazy man using adobe or such...
  2. id say thats an over kill ....but yea you can
  3. cod MW3 is eating up 4 GB of ram. I also do video encoding while the video is rendering.
  4. oh in that case 12 gigs is good enough i think
  5. Personally, I would suggest spending the extra $18 and get another 8GB.
  6. will DDR3 be replaced any time soon
  7. i think the DDR4 sdram will be out in 2014,and if the difference is only 18$ u should just get the 8gigs ones
  8. h3sham said:
    id say thats an over kill ....but yea you can

    why does call of duty MW3 eat so much ram?

    I guess another 8 GB would give me more headroom to do things.
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    Yes, the memory will work perfectly together, as they are the exact same memory, just one is 2x2 and 2x4. Also, I would recommend getting another 8gb kit instead of 4gb unless you already have the 4gb. As for MW3 eating up 4gb RAM, you are most likely playing with intesive explosions and many people on the server along with windows 7, which will use a good bit of RAM.
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