Headphones work, mic suddenly quit working, no admin rights on various public co

Hello, I'm currently using various County and City public library computers and none of them are recognizing my plantronics mic anymore. The headphones seem to work fine and they've been stored in a heavy cardboard box between uses. I have NO ADMIN rights and have tried accessing google voice via their browsers and/or my portable apps (Firefox, chrome and IE)
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  1. anyone?
  2. well if none of them work with your mic odds are your mic has failed.
  3. I've heard it may be the drivers, no update, no use allowed.
  4. a mic doesn't use drivers, the drivers will be for the sound chip in the pc, whether it be onboard or dedicated, and if it's not working on multiple devices i can almost guarantee it's the mic.

    From my experience with plantronics, it wouldn't surprise me, i had a (fairly) expensive "gaming" headset snap in half while putting it on a month into use from em.

    edit: I suppose they also might have a switch on the cord to turn the mic on or off.
  5. Maybe I'm interpreting something wrong? I'm about ready to sell my soul to anyone with a laptop who'll test google voice and google talk on their laptop for me.
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