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I am looking at

Hope link works. What I need to know is will this computer as is run and play WoW well. Thanks for you help!!
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  1. Hello jaywarren;
    Yes, it will run WoW pretty well.
    It's got a good, fast CPU, enough RAM and a fast HDD. It's a bit light on the video card but WoW should be very playable on Medium graphics settings in raids. You can probably even reach High graphics settings if online game isn't too busy.
  2. Have you also looked at the main CyberPower website?
  3. Will you plan on building it yourself, if you did you could get a much better computer. IE one in my siggy is 450$ that IMO is better than that. But course it's kinda opinion of asthetics.
  4. I would love to build one, but not yet. Someday I will get the nerve up to try. I just got back into Wow and my gateway is cashing 40 times a day playing it.

    I just want a cheap computer to play again. It about the only thing I will be doing with computer till I get sick of WoW again.
  5. My gateway is DX with Vista. It has two sticks of 2GB ram. A stick went bad I guess. Bought two new sticks. But wont boot up if I but both in. If I run with just one of the 2GB sticks in it will boot and play. But I get d/c over and over when I play in some of the new zones. The computer lady told me its a bad bank on my motherboard. I just dont want to put more money in to this Gateway.
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