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My gaming rig]
Intel Core i7-870 overclocked to 4ghz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 275

OK.Now on my rig mafia 2 runs really well with all sliders maxed out except for ambient occlusion.Now the wierd thing is that in the game when ambient occlusion is turned off I get a solid 60 fps with some dips to 50.However as soon as I activate ambient occlusion my fps dips to 40 and makes the game unplayable and I am not noticing any visual difference in the game.Even in just cause 2 when I put SSAO on high my fps gets cut in half.It seems as if in these games Ambient oclusion has a more fps hit than anti aliasing.Now what does this feature do in mafia 2 and just cause 2 because I am not noticing any visual difference at all?
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  1. Google, maybe?
  2. No visual difference = 60 fps, AO enabled = non playable. What a dilema... I would suggest enabling AO even though you cant play the game.
  3. I would go with darkling, heh!! Ambient Occlusion as the name suggests actually delivers a more realistic surround effect with better contrast, colour and you could actually 'feel' the icy cold streets or windy days. In other words it adds to some detail level just like the PhysX.
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