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Which PSU to get for my system?

I have to options within my price range (less than $70). Here are the links:

Currently I am leaning towards the Antec because it has three +12v rails and a higher combined amperage across them, compared to the ocz with only two +12v rails. The OCZ has this red LED and I think it will clash with my case which has green LEDs. They are both modular which is a feature that I want for sure since my case has zero cable management. They are both rated at 550W and both have 80 plus certification (pros that I want). I don't know which one has longer cables so this could be a deciding factor since my case has drop down sides and the longer the better. The Antec and the OCZ have identical cable options except the antec has one extra peripheral connection (6 total)(I need four for my case fans).

So my question is which would you choose and why? Any other recommendations will be considered also.
Thanks in advance

CPU: AMD Athlon II x3 450
M/B: Asus M4A88TD-V EVO
Ram: G-skill 2x2Gb 1600MHz 9-9-9-24 1.5v
Hard drive: WD 250Gb caviar blue
PSU: Raidmax 500W 22A across a single +12v rail (bundled with case :o I know now this was a bad decision)
GPU: Sapphire HD 4770 512Mb GDDR5
Case: Raidmax smilodon (I hate this case but the wife wanted it cause she loves green)
Monitor: My old RCA 32" 720P LCD TV

Only possible future upgrades:
Better GPU maybe a HD 5850 or something in the same price range of $140
I will not be doing crossfire since my M/B only supports x16/x4
Phenom II x4 955 with an aftermarket cooler (only if the price goes way down when the new cpu's come out)
Two more 2Gb sticks of ram (this is the most likely upgrade since the price is lowest)
Maybe an SSD if I can find a good deal
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  1. Thanks for the suggestions guys! I am now currently leaning towards the OCZ 500W ModXStream, only because I do mail in the rebates but I would prefer to keep the price at or under budget prior to rebate, and after some more thought I've decided that I won't likely upgrade the machine past the 2 extra ram sticks; Since I have already started on my next system I will buy a more powerful PSU for the new system and it will be the one to get the upgrades as money comes available.

    I will be purchasing in just over a weeks time and will select a best answer once I make a final decision. Anymore suggestions are welcome
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    I don't understand how the ModXStreams are a newer design than the Fatal1ty as I thought the Fatal1tys were released after the ModXStreams. In fact reviews of ModXStreams seem to first start appearing in 2008, while the first Fatal1ty reviews start appearing in the 2009. And I thought they were quite closely related anyway.
    Otherwise, OCZ is using the same topology from their ModXStream Pro 500W with a few changes in the details.

    That link will also explain the cable lengths for that unit.

    I disagree with the recommendation for the Corsair 650TX, as while it is not a bad power supply (at least the Seasonic version - there are 'updated' CWT made versions around and no I'm not talking about the V2s) it is an older design, and there is a newer better version in the 650TXV2 which is more efficient and is a better performer all round, if you are going to get a Corsair TX these days it should be the V2 version.

    Antec Basiq Power Plus 550W
    This review states that the ATX12V/EPS12V cable is 49cm.

    According to this link the Raidmax is 17"/43cm which is not that tall for a case, so even the OCZ power supplies - which I usually consider to have short cables - shouldn't have any trouble reaching to their destinations.

    I think I would forgo modularity for this tho:
    Antec High Current Gamer HCG-520 80Plus Bronze $60
    As it is based on the positively reviewed Seasonic S12II Bronze 520W unit and the price is quite good - it really did used to be ~$80, hopefully it won't be that price again.

    But the ModXStream Pros are probably the best option for a modular power supply.
  3. Yep! i stand corrected the Fatal1ty is slightly newer,however both were released in 2009.
    They are both made by Sirtec,the ModXtreme's have better noise and ripple performance then the 550W Fatal1ty.
  4. Well I will keep them both in the running and choose whichever is the best deal. Correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure either will be able to power my system without a hitch. Although the fatal1ty does have 50 amps combined on the +12v rails compared to the 36 amps for the ModXStream.

    So no votes for the Antec BP550, it looks better at first glance. But a phenom II x4 955 looks better than a sandy bridge i3, but in reality it is not better.

    Noise isn't much of a concern since the wife wears a headset while gaming and usually has music playing too.
  5. Thanks to all for the input, I ended up just going with the BP550 because Newegg had a promo code making it only $44.99. I wanted to save as much money as I could for my new build.
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