My 1k build needs help

Purchasing the parts in a week or less needed before march feb 25th.

This is what I've come up with, I just don't know if spending 1k is worth it on a i5 set up currently so some guidance would be nice please

Is a i5 worth buying right now with 1k? I don't have enough to go i7 I feel like and i need everything

I basically need EVERYTHING minus windows/mouse/keyboard and I have a monitor

I think the 560 TI is a better card then gtx 470 but can someone tell me?

I want that psu because its fully modular like you choose what cables to plug in the back theres nothing that goes inside the psu

need input asap I want to purchase this stuff really soon

heres what i thought of

storm scout
gtx 470
gigabyte ud3
2 x 2 corsair xms3
silverstone 750w
i5 750

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  1. Hmm 1st what can be done in the sub $600 price point:

    965BE + Biostar A780L3G $160

    Items off Egg $417AR

    $577AR in total, go single GPU all the way
  2. i don't really like AMD

    i also don't think i wanna do rosewill stuff, the main reason i want that case+psu is because i was eventually going to mod the case and individually sleeve the wires of the psu just not now because I can't afford it.

    guess my real question is about video card/psu/motherboard value should and i prefer intel

    is i5 750+a gigabyte ud3 a good value right now?

    how does that ati card compare to gtx 470/ 570 TI?
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