Please help me with 5970 blue screen



6 hours ago i used msi afterburn to oc my 5970. 1.2 volt and 800/1100 clocks, i tried metro 2033 and i crashed after 5 minutes. blue screen, i got 750 watt psu and win 7 64 bit ultimate. iv tried everything, from deleting old drivers to getting new and using driver sweeper. iv tried system restore and also reseting bios in motherboard.

everytime i boot into windows i crash after 5 seconds when graphics adapter is active. if i disable display adapter i dont crash.

i know i was stupid for trying to oc but please help me fix this i just baught this card and i dont know what to do.

do u think a windows format will help??

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  1. If there is an option in the BIOS to switch your voltage try that. If there is nothing like that, then I think you broke your GPU. Do you still have a warranty?
  2. no warrantys im afraid. but im gonna try to flash the card see if that helps?
  3. Well. I do not know how to flash. If you know how to flash the card to stock volts and specs then give it a try.
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