How to connect a router(with modem) to another router(without modem) wirelessly

i have a nokia siemens wireless router which acts as my internet gateway. I use it to connect to internet wirelessly on my desktop using a PCI wifi card.
I want to share my internet connection with my neighbour .He is getting signals my router only in one room but he want it in the whole of his house.
So, I decided to connect my bsnl router(internet gateway) to a another router(netgear) so that it can transmit wifi signals to the whole of his house.
Im able to connect both the routers using an ethernet cable..But can i connect them wirelessly . .
plZzZ . .help
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  1. What you need is a wireless repeater. Some wireless routers are capable of wireless repeating using a technology called WDS. But there’s a catch; it requires both routers support WDS, and both routers must typically be from the same manufacturer (due to known issues w/ compatibility across brands).

    As an alternative, if at least one of the routers supports dd-wrt (third party firmware), you can reconfigure the router as a *universal* wireless repeater. In this case, because it doesn't rely on WDS, but instead connects using standard wifi protocols, it can be bridged to virtually any other wireless router/AP.

    In the worst case, simply buy a universal wireless repeater, or wireless router/AP known to support dd-wrt and reconfigure it as a universal wireless repeater.

    IMPORTANT: Hopefully this is obvious, but just in case it isn’t… realize the neighbor not only has access to the Internet via your network, but all your other local resources as well. Network shares, printers, storage, etc., are all potentially accessible (to the extent they are not protected by some form of authentication). That may not be a problem for you, but at least be aware of the potential risks. There are ways to mitigate those risks (e.g., using a second router on your side that fronts your existing router and acts as a wireless AP for the neighbor; it still provides Internet access, but prevents that neighbor from penetrating into your local network).
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