People can hear my internal audio while on mic chats

Hey guys,

I have this problem where if I'm on any communication program(skype, xfire, vent etc) people can hear my audio. I could be watching a youtube video or playing music and they can still hear it. I thought it was my mic picking up sound leak from my headset, so I unplugged the mic and kept the headset plugged in and they could still hear my audio. My internal audio is being transmitted twice it seems or something. I've looked all over my sound options and can't seem to find the right box to check.

My Specs:

Asus P7P55D Deluxe Mobo
Windows 7 64bit
Siberia V2 Headset

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  1. tried the acoustic echo cancellation in the audio manager?
  2. I can't find that option. My motherboard uses,"Envy HD"
  3. hmm i think in that case u can find the AEC in your VIA Vinyl HD Audio Codecs
  4. My son was having the same problem. The wires from his headset to the RCA jacks was twisted around itself. Knowing how EM radiation can effect nearby wires I unplugged the headset and mic jacks, uncoiled the wires, plugged them back in and the problem is gone!
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