Upgrade GT220 to ATI 5670


Was thinking of upgrading my GFX. Was reading the articles and saw that the 5670 is a pretty big upgrade. Nearly twice the perfromance on most games.

I use a HP i5 Desktop with a standard 300w HP PSU. Is this enough power to use the GFX card?
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  1. tan1415 said:

    Was thinking of upgrading my GFX. Was reading the articles and saw that the 5670 is a pretty big upgrade. Nearly twice the perfromance on most games.

    I use a HP i5 Desktop with a standard 300w HP PSU. Is this enough power to use the GFX card?

    Yes and Yes.

    The 5670 is a significant upgrade from a 220, 5670 is faster than a 240 GT which itself is a full tier above a 220.
    And 5670s are very efficient so your 300W PSU should just fine.

    Just remember to fully uninstall Nvidia drivers before you install the ATI package,m or else you will headaches.
  2. ^he is correct...
    But for future upgrade i would think about upgrading your PSU,HP makes the worst Power Supplyies and i wouldn't reccomend running such a quality computer with that type of PSU,if you have the money to spare buy a PSU,their around $50
  3. Yeah...thats the problem.
    If i buy a new PSU i can get any GFX i want within my budget.

    The 5670 with no PSU upgrade is just like 60$. Other options will cost a bit more.
    Can save a bit and go for a full psu/gfx upgrade later on.
  4. It will work, but how well and for how long is the unknown.
    Lets wait and get some more opioions on this...
    How much is your budget for this?
    What games will you be playing?
    And what are your full system specs?(mobo/cpu/ram/etc.)
  5. Motherboard
    showhideMSI MS-7613 (Indio)
    Figure 1: Top view board
    Image of Motherboard

    Manufacturer: MSI
    Model: microATX - 24.4 x 24.4 cm
    Chipset: Intel P55 Express
    Memory slots: 4 x DDR3
    Front Side Bus Speed: 2.5 GT / s DMI
    Slot Processor: LGA1156
    Expansion Slots
    1 PCI Express x16 slot for a graphics card
    3 PCI Express x1 slots
    1 Mini PCI Express x1 slot
    See Specifications Indio motherboard for more information.

    show hide Intel Core i5 750
    Figure 2: Intel Core i5 Logo
    Image of Intel logo

    Processor Speed: Up to 2.66 GHz
    Number of cores: 4
    Slot: 1156
    Bus Speed: DMI (Direct Media Interface) - bus speed does not apply for DMI

    show hide processor upgrade information
    Slot Type: LGA1156
    TDP: 95 W
    Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades:

    Intel Core i7 (Lynnfield)
    Intel Core i5 (Lynnfield)

    showhide4 GB

    Quantity: 4 GB
    Speed: PC3-10600 MB / sec

    show hide memory upgrade information

    Supports only DDR3 DIMMs
    Dual channel memory architecture
    Four DDR3 DIMM slots (240 pin)
    PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333)
    PC3-8500 (DDR3-1066)
    Only unbuffered non-ECC memory
    Supports up to 16 GB on 64-bit PCs
    Supports up to 4 GB * on 32-bit PCs

    NOTE: 32-bit PCs are not the full 4.0 GB of memory address. This motherboard is not designed for use with a 32-bit PCs.
    Video Card
    showhideNVIDIA GeForce GT220
    Figure 3: Video Card (low profile)
    Image of Video Card
    Figure 4: Ports (full-size bracket)
    Picture of video card bracket gates show
    1 - VGA
    2 - HDMI
    3 - DVI-I (single-link or dual-link)
    Figure 5: Ports (with a low profile bracket)
    Picture of video card bracket gates show
    1 - HDMI
    2 - DVI-I (single-link or dual-link)

    Interface: PCI Express x16
    Maximum resolution:
    HDMI TV resolution (with adapter) up to 1080p *
    HDMI PC resolution (with adapter): 2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz
    DVI TV resolution up to 1080p *
    PC resolution DVI (Dual Link): 2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz
    PC DVI-resolution (single-link): 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
    VGA resolution (with adapter): 2048 x 1536 @ 75 Hz
    * Use NVidia software to optimize the display
    1 GB integrated memory
    Supports HDTV, Blu-ray and HD DVD to 1080p
    Supports two monitors simultaneously *
    * For the full-size version are two of the three ports at any time be used
    Supports HDCP

    show hide has no integrated graphics
    The motherboard does not have an integrated graphics chipset for video playback. There should be a video card installed.
    Sound / audio
    show hide integrated Realtek ALC888 sound card
    * The integrated sound is not available if a separate sound card installed.

    Audio Codec: ALC888
    6-Channel High Definition Audio
    AC97: no

    showhideLAN: 10-Base-T

    Interface: Integrated on motherboard
    Technology: Realtek RTL8111DL
    Data transfer rate: up to 10/100 Mb / s
    Transmission Standards: 10 Base-T Ethernet

    showhide802.11 wireless b / g / n PCI-Express x1 card
    Figure 6: Wireless card - side view
    Wireless card - side view

    Interface Type: PCI
    Data transfer rate: up to 300 Mbps
    Transmission Standards: 802.11 b / g / n
    Antennas: 2 internal antenna or an external antenna
    Use Band: 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz
    Supported security protocols:

    Hard Drive
    showhide1 TB
    Figure 7: Hard Drive
    Image of Hard Drive

    Size: 1 TB
    Interface: SATA
    Transfer rate: 3.0 Gb / sec
    Rotational Speed: 5400 rpm

    CD / DVD drive
    show hide SuperMulti DVD burner with LightScribe technology
    Figure 8: Optical Drive
    Picture of the optical drive

    * Interface: SATA
    * Data buffer: 2 MB
    * LightScribe: Yes
    * Diameter of disc: 120 mm
    * Write and read speeds for supported formats and disc types are shown in this table:

    Formats / Write speeds disc types Read Speeds Storage
    N / A DVD-ROM SL up to 4.7 GB 16x
    N / A DVD-ROM DL up to 8.5 GB 8X
    DVD + R SL 16X to 12X up to 4.7 GB
    DVD + R DL up to 8x to 12x 8.5 GB
    8x DVD + RW up to 8x SL to 4.7 GB
    DVD + RW DL is not supported
    DVD-R SL to 16x to 12x to 4.7 GB
    DVD-R DL up to 8x to 12x 8.5 GB
    6x DVD-RW up to 8x SL to 4.7 GB
    DVD-RW DL not supported
    DVD-RAM to 12X to 12X 4.7 GB
    CD-ROM N / A up to 700 MB 40x
    CD-R up to 40x to 40x to 700 MB
    CD-RW up to 32x to 32x 700 MB
    CD N / da up to 700 MB 32x
    Video CD N / A up to 700 MB 16x
    Memory Card Reader
    showhide15-in-1 multimedia card reader
    Figure 9: Image from memory card reader
    Image of reader
    Supports the following cards:

    Compact Flash I
    Compact Flash II
    IBM Microdrive (MD)
    Memory Stick (MS)
    Memory Stick Duo (Duo)
    Memory Stick Pro (PRO)
    Memory Stick Pro Duo (Pro Duo)
    MultiMediaCard (MMC)
    MultiMediaCard Mobile (MMC mobile)
    MultiMediaCard Plus (MMC plus)
    Reduced Size MultiMediaCard (RS-MMC)
    Secure Digital (SD)
    MiniSD Secure Digital (Mini)
    Smart Media
    xD Picture Card (xD)

    Computer Case
    show hide sized ATX

    Height: 38.7 cm
    Width: 17.5 cm
    Length: 41.4 cm

    Total number of slots * Slot
    13.33 cm 2
    8.89 cm 3
    1 Pocket Media Drive
    * Slots can be seized by existing hardware.
    showhide300 W
    Nutrition 300 W
    I / O ports
    showhideI / O ports in front

    USB: 2
    Headphones: 1
    Microphone: 1

    showhideI / O ports at back
    Figure 10: I / O back panel
    1 - USB 2.0: 2
    2 - SPDIF Optical output
    3 - IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
    4 - RJ-45 network (LAN)
    5 - Audio: Center / subwoofer (yellow / orange)
    6 - Audio: Rear speaker connector (black)
    7 - Audio: Connect Side Speakers (Grey)
    8 - Audio: Line-in (light blue)
    9 - Audio: Line-out (light green)
    10 - Audio: Microphone (pink)
    11 - USB 2.0: 4
    Keyboard, Mouse and Input Devices
    show hide HP USB Keyboard
    Figure 11: Top view of keyboard
    Image of keyboard

    Interface: USB
    Cable length: 1.8 m
    show hide
    show hide
    * Special Buttons:
    show hide
    Additional buttons:

    show hide HP USB Optical Mouse
  6. Hmm seems like a lot of info. Is the HP 6250
  7. leave to HP to throw in some top notch components and than choke them with a 300W PSU. Your cpu (i5-560) can handle video cards up to 5870, your PSU will blow up if you try though :P
  8. Well I am not a big gamer. I play the game from total war mostly.
    Is this a good option? Would itw ork with a 300W psu that i have?
    The sapphire 5670 512

    I want it toi be as budget friendly as possible.
  9. The 5670 power consumption is pretty low but i don't know how reliable that PSU is.
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