Advice on my GPU speed.


I wanted to ask a question about my GPU fan speed.

I have a low budget graphics card (Nvidia Geforce GT 220 DDR2 1024MB 400MHz, GPU clock 625MHz)

I have the GPU-z software, and I click on the sensors tab and notcied that my GPU fan was only 25%. My Graphic card sits around 48-49%, and I have the latest drivers.

I have the software ntune which will allow me to increase the GPU fan speed. But I've heard that it's bad for the GPU to increase it to 100%.

Should I leave it at 25% or should I put it at another percentage? I was thinking 75%?

Thanks or reading and for your help

Much appreciated.

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  1. I'm sorry people, but there are spelling mistakes in my question, and it won't let me edit them yet. If there is anything you don't understand then I'll answer any questions about my description.

    Once again, thanks

  2. What exactly are you asking? Is it safe to adjust the fan speed/does it matter?
    It is probably on an Auto mode,where it chooses how fast the fan should go based on how hot the card is.If you look at it again after you've done some gaming or something graphics intesive the speed should be higher.
    It is bad to increase it to 100% for a long term affect,if you run anything at it's maximum capicity for a long time it will cause it to wear and tear more quickly.
    If you want put it to 60% or 70% thats about normal for all uses but it is best to leave it on Auto cause theirs no sense in leaving it that high when it's idle.
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