5850 crossfire - is 650W PSU enough?


First post to this forum, but found it to be very useful for any problems, so thanks for all your help!

System specs are as follows:

Intel i7 920 (Overclocked to 3.4GHz at 1.1v)
6GB Corsair Triple channel ram (running at Intel XMP profile at 1.65v)
Asus P6T SE Motherboard
Asus 5850 Graphics card (running at stock)
80GB Intel SSD and 64GB Kingston SSD
2 x 1TB Hard drives (samsung)
Blu-ray drive.

Got a corsair TX-650W PSU at the moment.

Ordered a new Asus 5850 to crossfire (and bought 2 of those 4 pin molex adaptors to 6 pin PCI Express, as my PSU doesn't have them).

Just wondering whether this is going to be enough power. I could consider disconnecting one SSD and one hard drive and I dont really use them.

Don't know what exactly happens when you overload a PSU, but don't want it to take out my system at the same time to be quite honest! Rather be safe than sorry.

I have seen people say 650W Corsair PSU is fine to run two 5850's, because corsair is good quality and so it should handle it. But I would rather check, i don't want it to go bang when I load the system up and wreck my pride and joy!

Is there any way I can see how much power my system is drawing at the moment to have a reference?

Thanks for all your help.

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  1. You will have plenty of power for it, in crossfire in their review here they only pulled 469W, leaving quite a bit of power left over for the rest of the system to use

    The rest of your system isnt a huge power draw, your CPU isnt heavily OCed so they left over power is plenty, the corsair is also rated for 50C, and at lower temps is capable of delivering more than what its label would indicate.
  2. Hi,

    That is brilliant thank you.

    Just a quick question (sorry) - what happens if you do overload the PSU? Is there any way to tell or any warning signs?


  3. Depends on the PSU, it may overheat and shut down, its OCP(overcurrent protection) may trip and shut it down, or it may overheat and cause a component to fail possibly damaging the rest of the system. A good unit with overtemp protection and OCP are unlikely to have a catastrophic failure, they are much more likely to shut down nicely when they get overloaded.
  4. I'm using (2) 5850's on a Seasonic 650 watt P.S. and things are fine. Loads are right on with the charts posted above. You will
    be fine.
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