So, I had speced out a nice i5 2500k build to go with the 6950 that I just got today :-D. The performance has been pretty lacking because of my current cpu (I think) Current build is
E8400 @3.6ghz
4gb Corsair pc26400
750 watt ocz gamerxtream psu
500 gb Hd

So my question is this, Should I search for a cheap q6600 to tide me over until sandy bridge is back on the market or dump some money into this rig such as more ram and what not.
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  1. well it all depends on what you use it for. Q6600 is not much better than your CPU and can be worse in some tests. have a look at this comparison of the i5 2500K, Q660 and E8400
  2. I do alot of gaming :-D
  3. whats your graphics card?
  4. It'd be a waste of $$ to buy any CPU for the 775 socket. That socket is outdated, and there aren't really any upgrades that will make a noticeable difference. That E8400 is one of the better gaming CPUs from that socket, especially OC'd that high.
  5. rajaawad23 said:
    whats your graphics card?


    Anonymous said:
    So, I had speced out a nice i5 2500k build to go with the 6950 that I just got today :-D.
  6. aford10 said:

    I did not notice that, :)
    your system should not be lagging and should run very well.
    what is your OS?
  7. Vista 64 bit ( Eww I know) I have a new copy of windows 7 64 bit however there is just way to much data to do the fresh install atm. And it really isnt running very well to be honest.
  8. im a big fan of vista, its a great OS. but how does your computer lag?
  9. Depending on the versions, you may be able to do an in place upgrade to windows 7.

    Plus, when installing windows 7, if doing a custom install, it will move your user data to c:\windows.old. It will be there waiting for you when you're done with the install.
  10. In my experience upgrade installs lead to more issues, I would rather do a fresh install. It is just slower than I would like, Certain games such as sc2 and fall out 3 see dramatic fps drops even with my 6950, Also typing this message lol i can type faster than the computer itself can keep up. I thought failing hardrive but tested that with seatools and hdat both come up clean, I have though memory but am not getting any bsods and have also ran mem test. Prehaps I need more RAM. THis install is going on three years old so perhaps it is time for a fresh install. I have also checked for virii and malware. Which came up clean.
  11. all you need is a fresh install, and it will be as good as new, I doubt that you need more than 4GB of RAM unless you do ALOT of multitasking, e.g. Games, photoshop, video editing etc. at the same time, if this is how you use your computer check how much RAM you are using at idle and while doing usual work.
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