Gold pin 3x3 computer chip

the chip or whatever it is . is approx 3inx3in and cost abou $100,000 20 years ago. there are hundreds of solid gold pins. in porcelain i believe. im not sure what the part is called to do more research on it. it is engraved for id. numbers dont show when googled. any ideas/ thanks. for some giant super computers.
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  1. ideas for what? what it could be?
    an experimental cpu. that's how processors interface.
  2. Take a picture and post it.
  3. I got a twenty says its an old mainframe processor. LoL
  4. pictures are on facebook lance thibault nj. I am unable to post on here. sorry, im am thanfull for your responses. I am trying to get an idea of value and quanity of gold inside.
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