Is it poss. to share wireless d-u

Hey all, sad to be considered a newbie here as I've been using for many years but can no longer access any of my old postings. oh well.

My question to you today is whether it is possible to share out a wireless broadband dialup connection to another laptop. here is the config I have at hand:

a Dell Inspiron 700m with the Verizon Broadband dial up card via USB, which allows for connectivity anywhere there is cell service. I also have a Netgear USB WLAN adapter (NIC) (because the onboard WLAN stopped working a long time ago, so instead of a new MB I just bandaided the problem with a wireless NIC.

I would like to be able to share out the dialup connection from the dell to another computer that has WLAN to be able to browse the Internet from computer B through computer A, by using the Dell as the "router" if you will, and any other computer as a client machine connecting through the Dell's shared out connection.

Hopefully this isn't too wordy or confusing because of my verbosity to get to a small point.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. :)

Thanks in advance!
p.s. I've gone through all the steps in creating a "home or small office network" but still to no avail for connectivity. I know how to do this via a wired connection with a crossover, but am hoping for a wireless solution without having to implement a seperate router. :??:
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