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Hey guys, I'm kinda new to the works of computers, and this has probably been asked before. My main question is, would it be better to upgrade from a single core(Celeron D[Yeah, I know it's old]) to a Core 2 Duo, or go with something else, say newer tech, though I am on a budget. I'm not looking to spend any more than $600-$700. Also, my primary uses will be web browsing, multi-tasking, and gaming. Your adice would be great guys!!
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  1. I recommend
    an Amd build with your budget
    using the Athlon x 3 445 Rana

    I am not an AMD guy but I respect them
    and that CPU is highly regarded as a best budget CPU

    also a I3 Sandybrige is about $125 for cpu
    so a $700 build might be possible
    especially if you can reuse parts from old build
    (case,psu,optical drives etc)

    there is a system builders section on Toms
    where they LOVE to put together parts lists for systems
    You need to follow the guideline for posting in sticky at top of forum.

    Good Luck
  2. If you're on an lga 775 platform, it's still not that old or bad... you could get a decent quad or duo for that motherboard
  3. if budget was real tight under $200 then Id say upgrade the CPU
    in current build
    a good Core2Duo can be had for 100

    but with a $700 budget than it makes more
    sense to reuse what OP can and do new build

    I love LGA775 but the socket is dead

    with a AM3+ (?) or 1155 build there is a good upgrade
    path while witht the LGA775 in a year or two the OP
    is looking to have to do upgrades or new build even
    with new CPU

    Though if all OP does is email,browse etc than
    a 3ghz C2D would be more than powerful enough
    for awhile
  4. Wow! Quick responses. Well, it seems like you guys are either saying upgrade for the time the socket has left, before it's really outdated, or just upgrade now to something newer. I personally like Intel, but it seems that AMD also has a very good CPU for an excellent price.
    Okay, then. I think I've narrowed it down to either an 955, or an E8400 (Both OC'd to 4.0GHz), but still, which to choose from...
  5. I want to make sure you understand that the 955 would require new motherboard
    and maybe new ram
    I am not trying to talk down to you
    I am not sure of your tech level

    an E8400 OC'd to 4.0 would be a solid chip
    if purchased for a good price

    Could you post more specs of current motherboard,chipset,ram etc?

    Everest Home Edition (free-google it-safe download though always scan)
    is good for specs listing

    I am curious if your mobo is LGA775 and what cpus it supports

    also how many parts are re-usable in new build
  6. what motherboard and psu do you have?
    you may be able to get a decent quad some faster mem and a decent gfx card if you have good basics.
  7. Anonymous said:
    If you're on an lga 775 platform, it's still not that old or bad... you could get a decent quad or duo for that motherboard

    But only if his motherboard supports the new channels that the C2D's required, since he's got a celeron D the upgrade path to C2D might not be open.
  8. A complete $600 build.


    And you'll be able to reuse some stuff for sure.
  9. king smp, I do realize I would have to change a lot of things. As for specs, I have a LGA 775 Foxconn motherboard, 350W psu, 4GB dual channel DDR2 800, Chipset: Intel P35/G33/G31.
    Also, for the build, I was planning on reusing whatever I could, including my optical, HD, etc.
    Another, thing, the new system will most likely be a GTX 460 SLI setup.
    Lastly, (this is really a no-brainer), but should I upgrade to newer tech rather than an OC'd C2D if I were to keep this in the long run (3-4 years)?
  10. If you need a 3-4 years mileage out of your current bucks then a platform upgrade is the wisest thing you can do.. Go for a LGA 1155 build.. A decent motherboard (Asus P8P67), a fast CPU (i3 2100) and 4 gigs of some good DDR3 1600 MHz ram will cost you about 350$.. Leaves you plenty enough for a good PSU and video card..
  11. I think that in the next 3-4 years the reign of the high clock dualcore as being the gaming choice will fall aside in favour of the multicore setup as games become more multicore capable.

    So quad is needed for 3-4 year longevity.

    Unless you are going for budget quads, i.e. intel Q8400 ($190) etc. then a C2Q with decent clocks, 9650/9550 will be up at around $300, whereas an I5-2400 would be $190, giving you enough for a cheap mobo and a 4GB stick (get another one later, or 2x2 and 2x2 later), it would have better clock speeds and better performance per clock, and turbo, and quicksynch.

    Hence i'd go with I5-2400 if you can squeeze it into the budget. or just pop a Q8400 in there and leave it alone for 18-24 months. I'm on a 9550 at the moment, with a 470 at 2048x1152 and its fine.

    I'd question 460 in SLI, SLI will increase your power supply requirements (don't scimp on it) and increase compatability issues. Twin 460's will probably cost $200ea,vs a 570 for $350. I'd go for the 570 unless you are doing sper high res gaming, and if you aren't i'd go for a 560? but 570 would be preferable so you only have to buy it once.
  12. ^+1 to both
    Emperus and 13thmonkey

    Great info
  13. Hello All,

    So glad to have found this recent thread. I am in a similar situation to the OP and had a question relating to Emperus and 13thmonkey's posts.

    I am using an old Pentium D 820 pc to build up an arcade cab. It worked fine for older games but as I attempt to emulate any high-end N64 (perfect dark for example) or newer system it just can't handle it.

    Emperus noted that $350 could by a speedy modern cpu/mobo with 4gigs DDR3 ram.

    My main question is: How would that compare in performance to only spending $160 to upgrade the cpu to a E8400 (with 4 gigs of DDR2)?

    I don't really have plans to play any PC games more recent than lets say... Half Life 2 on the cab; though I would be interested in your opinion on what you all think I could get away with.

    Graphics Card: I currently have a GeForce 7900 in this. Since I would upgrade regardless of which option I took I believe this is moot. Also from what I understand most emulator performance issues deal with processor speed, not graphics card capabilities.

    Thanks for your advice!

    Edit: Kind of answered my own question (or 13thMonkey did), my mobo although socket775 does not support the E8400 I wanted (it is an Asus P5LP-LE).
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