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Hey guys, I couldn't find the correct section to post this in, so I went with this. I'm planning on upgrading from my current 20" LG monitor to this for my new PC that Ims saving up for. Just a few quick questions.... could this monitor run at 1080p with a gtx 560ti? I plan on playing MW2, and other lesser titles like SC2 and WoW, and maybe Crysis 2 in the future. And 1 more, to get HD on my computer, do I have to buy an HDMI cord with a DVI outlet as well to plug the hdmi into the monitor and the dvi into my computer to get the best the monitor can display?

Thanks in advance everyone! =)
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    Yes, the native resolution of the monitor is 1920 x 1080.

    You can use either HDMI or DVI, both should give you the same video quality as long as the electronic components and cables are of similar quality. You need to use an HDMI if you also want to use the cheap speakers built into the monitor.
  2. Guess you didn't read this review!
    The Dell was the best of the lot which includes the Asus VW24H,2930.html
    Dell's are cheap when they're on sale,like all the time.
    Got a Dell Professional 2310H(since been replaced) in 2009 for $189.
    It came with DP,HAS,EPEAT GOLD,etc,..
  3. Thanks everyone for helping! I'm actually getting my computer from, and they recommended a great monitor to me.

    And also ran benchmark tests and did countless things so I can get the best PC for me. I just thought I'd let you guys know about them, because they are a great company!
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