Help chose good card for this board cheap

on a biostar TA880g+

power unit gives out 520 or 530 watt
i got 1gb ram ddr3 1333
athlon x3 3.2ghz

im puting about 100$ into it for upgrade figured get it a dedicated gpu the board currently uses a radeon hd 4250
im look for a good card that will be powerfull but be low price ,, one card i was looking at was a nvidia geforce 240 i think it was and it looked good but it is 120$ and i wasent sure if it would work on the board ,, it would be nice if i could find a cheap gpu that would give me spare money to buy another cheap ram card
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  1. Get an ATI hd4870 1gb, assuming that your PSU is a true 520 or 530w. BTW I would put in at least another gig of RAM if I were you. Hope I helped. ;)
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