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Hey, I've got an extremely annoying issue with my GPU. It's a ATI HD 4890 and I cannot update the drivers.

If I try it the normal way, by using the ATI website and I get an error on the installion.

If I try updating it through Windows it tells me to restart to complete installing the drivers, and when I do my moniter doesnt work and doesnt detect my machine so the screen just stays blue. To fix this I boot in safe mode and uninstall via the device manager, then restart into normal mode and it works, but of course with no drivers.

I've tried using the Driver Cleaner, I've tried alternate drivers and I've tried the reccomended ones for my card. All have the same effect. The only way to get my display to work is to either boot in safe mode or uninstall the cards drivers and boot in normal mode.
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  1. And I'd like to also mention after uninstalling the drivers, and booting into normal mode of course Windows installs drivers automatically when it detects the card. If I restart my computer after it's done this, again, the display wont work.
  2. I can't edit my post so this is a triple-post. I love that feature called "Edit this message" Especailly the "You are not allowed to edit this message!" part. Awesome stuff.

    To put this briefly, as I see nobody is replying; I cannot install video drivers onto my computer for my ATI HD 4890 graphics card. Doing so stops my display from working on start up.
  3. Yes, we got it. First, bumping is not allowed on this forum so stop doing so. I personally don't care but the mods do. Second, you need to give us time to answer. We aren't on this forum 24/7. Looking at your time stamps, your first post was 12-5 at 4:56PM, with your THIRD post at 12-5 at 6:18PM. That's about an hour and a half ON A SUNDAY. Relax, take a breath, we'll get around to answering at some point ok?

    System specs? My first guess would be bad card. You didn't say if this is a new problem, new computer, etc. I know jack about your computer so giving us some details is a good idea.

    Edit for spelling. Stupid spelling....
  4. Sorry for my inpatients.
    My original system spec was
    AMD Quad core Phenom II 9600
    ATI HD 4890
    2 gigs of ram
    Gigabyte M68M-S2P AM2+ / AM3 Motherboard

    now here's the thing, Its not a driver issue, its something else very weird indeed. I swapped out the graphics card, thinking it was that. But I have the same issues with my 8800GT.

    So I decided to sweep all my video drivers, remove my graphics card and run using on board graphics. But again, same issue. So then I decided I'd swap out my power supply with another, so I did, and same issues occured.

    Then I reinstalled Windows, which was difficult since when the res went above 800x600 the screen went blank, and I had to restart during the final parts of the installation so I could choose to run in 640x480 mode (so the display worked).

    However after reinstalling and losing data, same issue occures. I then tried trying a different moniter, yet again, same issues. I reset the CMOS, no help. Seriously, What the hell is this problem...
  5. PSUs that you've tried? (I'm assuming you correctly had the extra power plug plugged into the cards?) Different cable between the cards and the monitor? Try a VGA or DVI cable instead. TLB bug fix on or off?

    If its not the GPU because you tried an 8800GT, then I"m tempted to say its the board. Or the cable?
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