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What is the best Pcu and mobo for gaming rig ?

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February 4, 2011 3:08:40 PM

What is the best pcu and mother board combo ? This will be for my next build that I will use for gaming . I want it all to be high end but still save money , Oh poop can you tell me all the other parts too ? One the frist one that Im building now for my son I put a i5 2500k sandy bridge with the asus p67 mobo . A 850w power supply by corsair ,evga superclocked o1g-p3-1563-ar geforce gtx,seagate barracuda7200.12 1tb,lg black blu-ray burner,G.skill ripjaws series 8gb 2x4gb memory, samsung spinpoint 1tb 7200rpm hdd . That is my sons rig and I want mine to kick his in the butt lol.
So any help you can give me is great have fun with this and please give me your input because the more the better thanks so much John...

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February 4, 2011 3:16:51 PM

well you have a lot of choices but do you have a budget?
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February 4, 2011 3:44:44 PM

Hmmmm .... no budget, no parts not needed ... makes scope a bit tough to guess. I'll lgo full tilt, youskip what ya don't need

Case - $160 - Antec DF-85
Case Fans - $15 - Antec Red 120 mm
PSU - $110 - Antec CP 850
MoBo - $270 - ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution
CPU - $330 - Intel Core i5-2600K
Cooler - $62 - Prolimatech Megahalems
TIM - $5 - Shin Etsu
CPU Fan - $11 - Scythe SY1225SL12LM-P
CPU Fan - $11 - Same
Fan Cable - $8 - Akasa PWM AK-CB002
RAM - $160 - (2 x 4GB) Mushkin CAS 7
GFX - $350 - Asus GTX 50 OC
GFX - $350 - Same
HD - $55 - Spinpoint F3 1TB 7200 rpm
SSD - $200 - OCZ Vertex 2 2.5" 120GB
DVD Writer - $80 - ASUS BR Model BC-08B1LT
OS - $140 - Win 7-64 Pro OEM
Monitor - $350 - Acer GD235H23.6" 2ms 120Hz
Keyboard - $120 - Logitech G510
Mouse - $57 - Logitech G500
3D Vision $220 NVidia Starcraft Edition

Cost $3,064 w/o any combo discounts

You did say .... more the better :) 

1. Case / PSU Combo - Often on newegg for $240 saving $40. Case features give it edge over HAF-X IMO, PSU is quieter than any of the competition and match for the Corsair HX, XFX Black electronically.
2. MoBo / PSU - Went with the WS MoBo for the NF200 chipset that lets both GFX cards run at x16 x16 instead of x8 x 8. Depending on the reviewer, x8 x8 cuts from 2-4% performance. CPU wise, if the build's over $800, I don't see AMD having anything to compete.
3. Cooler / TIM - Cooler is in top 3 and very easy to install, TIM is 1st place finisher....cable will allow you to control fans via MoBo.
4. RAM - CAS 7 is lowest latency currently available that I have seen
5. GFX - Next step up (twin 580's is another $320 + another $200 fr the PSU)...two 570's outperform two 6970's by 6% per Guru3D
6. Storage - WD Black, Seagate 7200.12 or Spinpoint F3 ... right now F3 cheapest; each ahs advanateges in certain programs, consult THG Perofrmance Charts to see what HD does what in in your applications. If you waiting till April for SB to be re-released, might think about waiting for the new Vertex 3's in May.
7. Dunno if ya need the rest but if trying to outdo the son's box, there's some eye candy in there ... w/o the OS and stuff below it, your under $2200

Here's some 3D reviews:
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February 4, 2011 3:48:45 PM

Get a AMD with a ATI Card

I say wait on 3D
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February 4, 2011 4:16:46 PM

27" puts ya pixels per inch at 81.6 ...the average human eye can start to discern individual pixels below 96 ppi and the lower it goes , the more "grainy" the image will appear at normal viewing distances. I like 27" monitors ... but at 2560×1440 resolution (109 ppi)
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February 4, 2011 4:52:53 PM

Err actually work from the best GPU and a dependable PSU then work backwards to platform choice for best results for the $$

The Game Rundown: Finding CPU/GPU Bottlenecks, Part 2
Conclusion: A Trend Toward 3+ Cores

The average optimal number of CPU cores suggested by the test results is 2.75, showing a clear trend towards at least three CPU cores.The question of whether the CPU or GPU is most important is easily answered. If you don't have a multi-core CPU, then upgrade it. If you have a dual-core CPU at around 3 GHz, then invest your money into a graphics card, as most games are GPU-limited. This is not something that will change with new DirectX 11 games.

February 4, 2011 5:32:37 PM

Thanks and I guess I am going to spend 1500. to 3000. and as I am sure there will be a few new builders that will want to look so price will be looked at as for me as long as it kicks butt and what about using my 47" lcd computer ready tv ? also I think that everything should be upgradable ,is there anything else ?