Gigabyte 460 GTX question

I found 2 Gigabyte 460 GTX models one is the SE the other the OC, $20 difference between them (the SE is cheaper).

SE model (N460SE-1GI)
GPU clock: 730
Memory clock: 3400

OC model (N460OC-1GI)
GPU clock: 715
Memory clock: 3600
Extra: NVIDIA 3D Vision and SLI (won't use sli at all)

Is the $20 price diff worth it? Overclocking them to 800mhz will be the same thing?
Which one to choose?
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  1. I checked out the SE version and it has a SE chipset which is not as good as the original 460 one. Right now i narrowed it down to 2 cards:
    the gtx 460 OC and the gtx 460 SOC - both 1gb, both gigabyte.

    Except the fact that the SOC has better clock speeds, when overclocking them to the max, should i get the same result? (considering that both have the exactly same GPU and stuff)
  2. Stay away from the SE model if you can afford more. The SOC model has a slightly different/better cooler than the OC model. The SOC model is one of the best, if not the best, GTX 460 out there:
  3. I have the older model and it is a good card when used right but just be sure to keep the fan speed high from the start to keep the rest of the card nice and cool even though at that setting the core will top out under 60c.
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