EVGA GTX 465 vs GTX 460

Okay, so I need to get a video card and cant decide which is weird for me because I'm a very decisive person. Newegg has the EVGA 465 superclocked for $154.99 (N82E16814130557) after rebates and the GTX 460 is 169.99 (N82E16814130566) after rebates.

I've read everything that says to get the 460 since it uses less power, creates less heat and can be over clocked more.

1. Overclocking doesn't matter to me.
2. I'm not a big gamer but will play a bit on the computer, but I do most of it on consoles.
3. it will be used for graphic design and video editing in adobe premier.

Computer Specs:
CPU: Intel i7-970
Mother Board: Asus Sabertooth
Power Supply: Corsair 650TX
Case: Corsair 600t
Ram: 6gb kingston hyperx T1 1600
SSD: Intel x25 160gb
CPU will be cooled via Corsair H50

I need some direction, get the hotter but cheaper card or pay a bit more for something that will run cooler and use less power?
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  1. I would choose this card.
    it 190.00 with a 30 dollar rebate. Its a very high quality card, with a more expensive cooler.
    Your actually paying MORE for the 465, as inventory dwindles, than the card is worth in comparison to others, price /performance.
  2. sticking with EVGA video cards with lifetime warranties.
  3. The 460 is also, in many cases, the better gaming card:

  4. I'd rather have the GTX 460 personally.
  5. gtx 460, imo, if that was not clear.
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