Simple high quality case suggestions?

I'm trying to decide on a mid-tower case for my upcoming build. My budget is pretty open, anywhere around 200. I want a simple high quality case. I want good airflow and cable management. I don't want a bedazzled or odd shaped case, just simple square edges. A window is a plus, but not necessary!

I am currently considering lian-li, corsiar, or silverstone.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Mountain Mods ( ) has some very nice computer cases of all shapes and sizes that are highly customizable to your liking, while still being affordable.

    I recommend you check out their website.
  2. You can never go wrong with a $50 Antec 300.
  3. Either the Corsair 650/700/800D if aircooling isn't a big concern or you plan to watercool, or the Silverstone FT02 if you want amazing air cooling and a quiet case.

    Lian Li if you want an aluminum case.
  4. IF you are sure about the MID tower size limitation, Mosox hit the nail on the head! For the money, you'd be hard pressed to beat the Lian Li.
    Five egg rating from 346 peeps is some pretty good assurance & for only $109 :-)
  5. Thanks everybody! All of your answers were really helpful :)
    One more thing though, this is going to be my first build.. and I probably won't build again for quite awhile.
    Which one of the suggest cases would be most friendly to a newbie builder?
  6. Oh and I was planning on using corsair hydro h60, so that may affect your answer.
    Or should I just drop that cooler all together?
  7. Cases in the size will have few differences. Your proposed cooling has a fan and radiator that attach to the back of the case. Make sure the rear fan mounting holes of your new case is the same size as the Corsair's radiator (e.g. 120mm)
  8. Really love the Corsair line, 800D is a beauty. But it's all personal preference.
  9. The Corsair Graphite 600T is a nice case with lots of room for the damn long video cards and lots of backplate slots for passing cables. Moreover, the top part can house a full 2x120mm radiator (maybe even 3x120mm, not sure). However it's more of a full tower than a mid-size case and it's ~150$.
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