Existing PC Hard Drive Installation Compatability With New Mobo

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alyoshka Wrote:
That was an example.... the NTFS thing.....

You can use the same HDD with XP Pro SP3 in the new rig, leave the SATA settings to IDE, since I think AHCI is compatible with Vista and later OSes not pre Vista ones.
Yes, the drive, the OS and the Mobo will be compatible. BUT, you will still need to start in safe mode a few times. Uninstalling the older drivers and software is optional, but we do it anyways, so that the systems doesn't loose speed because of unnecessary programs and registry entries that aren't required.

When you start the rig in safe mode, only the basic, universal drivers are used. Thus , the OS has a chance to detect new hardware that is on the Mobo and new chips that are on it in, as the mode says, a safe way without forcing, for example -- say a ALC sound chip driver onto a XFi soundchip, with XFi screaming I'm not ALC but the OS not giving up, leading to a clash and then a crash with you being left with a BSOD .

Quoting alyoshka From Above:
Uninstalling the older drivers and software is optional, but we do it anyway, so that the systems doesn't lose speed.

Please advise a little further.
1. I take my XP drive and install it on my new mobo.
2. Then boot to safe mode several times.
3. The drive should now be recognised.
4. What is now the best way to identify all old drivers and update them to ensure the system doesn’t lose speed?

Thanks In Advance
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  1. Boot into safe mode a few times yes, till it stops telling you that it has found new hardware.

    The drive will be recognized in the first instance or you won't reach the safe mode option at all. It's the other hardware that has changed in the system that needs to be recognized, and, that happens when we get into safe mode.

    The best way to identify the old drivers would be to read the manual for chipset specifications, like what lan chip, what sound chip and usb controller, what sata controller, these need to know and then compared with the specs of the new mobo, if they happen to be the same, which I doubt, then you can leave them there otherwise you can safely remove the old softwares that were bundled with the old mobo and are mentioned in the old specs but aren't in the new mobo.
  2. Thanks alyoshka

    Before I install the drive I want to make sure I've covered all my options.

    I am now wondering .... will all the old unrecognised mobo and hardware drivers show in device manager?

    If I run the new mobo installation disc and install all would the old drivers still be left on the drive?

    Thanks Again

  3. Not in the normal windows mode, but the hardware will show up in safe mode even though it is not there. You could uninstall it from there. Plus you will have a screenshot of the old rigs devices from the device manager, so you can uninstall all the related softwares and driver packs from the control panel , add and remove progs.... right:)
  4. alyoshka

    I'll let you know how I get on.

    Thanks for the help.

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