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Hi. I have 2x4890 crossfire, driver 10.11 + newest catalyst game profiles. In some games ( New Vegas, Singularity,...) crossfire just doesn't work, one card is idle, so i get funny gameplay. so I rename the *.exe file of the game to Mafia2.exe, thus forcing crossfire. This works for me very nice.
Will I see different performance using different file name (ex. Metro2033, Crysis.exe...) ? Or is this trick only used to that the cards start working in crossfire ?
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  1. You may notice a different FPS using other names but i doubt if its anything much.
    I've read(in few forums) that using 3DMark06.exe forces CF.
  2. I tried 3Dmark06.exe, bu mafia2.exe gives me better frames, and gets the cards up to 80% usage, while 3dmark06 only got them to ~60%. thanks for info.
  3. That's great,I should try Mafia2.exe then :) I've used 3Dmark06.exe before and I though that was the best
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