HTPC Cable question... HDMI or DVI?

Hey, I am confused on what is the best cable to get for my setup.

I currently have a 9800 GT and it only has DVI out. Should I just get a DVI to HDMI cable and run that to TV for video and use an old 50' RCA audio cable for sound? It will be connected to a bedroom TV using only the 2 speakers that it has built in and is 2 rooms over or around 20-30'.

Or, should I upgrade my video card and get an HDMI to HDMI cable.

Or, get a 50' HDMI cable with a small DVI to HDMI adapter? I am worried more about quality loss on the short run connection for this than the other two options but it does leave open the possibility of using the HDMI cable by itself when in a few years I will upgrade my graphics card and computer.

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  1. Does your TV have a DVI port? If so just use DVI. HDMI is basically DVI+sound so getting a DVI to HDMI adapter but still using a separate cable for sound seems pointless to me. And afaik you won't get any sort of quality loss if you go with the adapter anyway. The signal either gets there or it doesn't; it's not like old analog video connections.
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