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I found this x4 Opteron gaming system on ebay, I don't know much about them is this a good cpu for gaming here is the link.. What is a good price to pay for this system? Thanks for the help..
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  1. It will run games. But the video card is a bit under-powered. That guy is probably selling his system to buy a better gaming machine.

    Here is a new system with warranty for $590
    CyberpowerPC Ultra 2064 Phenom II X4 925(2.8GHz) 4GB 1TB HDD ATI Radeon HD 5670 for comparison.

    For a gaming system you'd be better off with a triple core CPU and a HD 5770 or better video card if you can find one.
  2. Thanks for the help !
  3. Don't buy that PSU is crap.
  4. LOL, what a machine. Overclocked but I didn't see his warranty terms. As joel pointed out the PSU is junk. The 5670 is not a gaming card. The harddrive isn't the best either. A quad AMD ($150) + 785 mobo ($75) + 8GBs of ram ($100) + drives ($80) + case ($50?) + 5670 ($70) comes to $525? I wouldn't pay to get that junk PSU. That's my guess.
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