Should i upgrade computer case or get a liquid cooling.

Hello, I am currently debating if i should upgrade my computer case or buy a water cooling system I have a GATEWAY DX 4200-09 pc and was wondering which is a better choice main reason is my computer runs at a freaking constant 35C or higher and i am trying to figure out which is better a more open case or a liquid cooling for my CPU.

Make some suggestions on some good cases that will hold everything that comes standard with GATEWAY DX 4200-09. and reason why is computer peaks 15C higher than that when i am running anything so i don't think 50C is a good temp.

And is this liquid cooling system good i found it on amazon for $70
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  1. First lets address the real problem.

    35C is cool for a computer to run at, at idle mine runs about that, no matter what case you upgrade to its still going to run around that temperature at idle, if you are getting thermal issues when under load thats a different story.

    Either way, you wont get a very good liquid cooling system in that budget, the best option would be to move to a bigger better case with more fans.
  2. You need at least $300 to get a decent water-cooling loop, and it isn't worth it stick with what you got because as hunter said 35 C is a perfectly normal temp.
  3. I'd change the case.. You can get a good case for around 75-100bucks. And since when was 35c hot for a pc? Those are actually really good temps.
  4. Keep the $100 dollars and save up for a new system later on.
  5. I'd change the case.. You can get a good case for around 75-100bucks.

    Can you make some suggestions on some good cases that would work for my computer?
  6. Don't spend anything 35 C is a great temp and your just wasting money buying a new case
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