8800 GTS Died new Nvidia 210 wont boot

Hi All,

Having some trouble a few days ago my evga geforce 8800 gts died. I got a BSOD and then when I used it it said in device manager that windows stoped it because it found a problem I think i found the error code and it was 0000002b, and also I would get lines on my screen so it was unusable.

Now I bought a msi nvidia 210 which is a downgrade but one of the things I think might have caused me probs with my 8800 gts was the power supply I used the one that came with my comp which is a inspiron 530 its a 350w supply, I really didnt know any better till now that I came onto these forums to look for info. So I decided instead of getting a new power supply and VC to just get the 210 which isnt so good but was cheap and wouldnt require a new power supply till I get a new comp.

And what happens with the 210 is that my computer goes to the initial dell boot screen and after a few seconds when it should go ahead to the windows loading screen instead it beeps and restarts. And it does this over and over again.

I erased my old drivers, used driversweep to get rid of any traces. I reset my CMOS, upgraded my BIOS, changed the only settings I see in the BIOS related to the VC from PCI Slot which it was on to PCIEx back and forth.
The new card is ut into place correctly its fan goes on. I Tried putting in the windows CD and booting from it but it wont go into any windows screen.

The only thing I could get to work was a Dell Diagnostics which it did go into but I couldnt find anything wrong with the comp.

I dont know if maybe its the PCIe slot itself, or if there is something I had to do when I installed the 8800 gts that I have to revert back that I cant remember (although I dont think so since I read the manual and I didnt have to do anything weird), or if I have a wrong setting or if its bad luck and the new card also doesnt work???

I dont have another comp to test the card out on so no luck there.

Dont know if you guys can think of anything.

Thanks in Advance
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  1. 8800 on a 350w psu ??? , lucky you got this far, maybe gonna have to bite the bullet and start your upgrade a little sooner than planed, psu included..:)
  2. What do you mean though??
    I know the old card is toast but shouldnt the new one work??
    Or are you saying the pci slot is ruined? And if so how would I check??

    I really cant do the upgrade yet even if I wanted to thats the problem.

  3. Yeah I dontknow what it was I took the card to the store it worked o their computer but not on mine, but then another card they tested on my comp did work so they took it back and I just decided to upgrade got a 500w PSU and a GTX460.

    Thanks For the Help
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