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Msi 6870 or Radeon 5850 ?

Hello friends, :bounce:
Just wanna know about this ........
I want to buy a graphic card ,
As i am a die hard gamer and want good and max fps in most demanding games without any problem , hangouts plus I want good performance in real life appl and multimedia appl like adobe cs4 too.

I have options available :
msi 6870 ( R68702PM2D1GD5)
or ati Radeon hd 5850 ( may be sapphire,msi or xfx)

And yeah , I am not planning to crossfire these two anyway near future.

What do u say ppl? Is msi 6870 a good graphic card ? I heard there r some driver prob with this card ?


Hd 5850, should i get this card ? IF yes then which will be better sapphire,msi or XFX ?

Please reply as I want reliability+ Quality+Performance too. And only want one among these two cards , & please don't include other card like 5870 or 5970.
Please reply and be serious
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    6870 is faster than 5850,so go for it.
  2. Both use the same drivers, both are ATI-GPU based, 6870 is the new 5850 added a bit of performance. Conclusion - same as Maziar. Go for the 6870 unless you can wait a bit and see if prices are shuffled when 6950 and 6970 come out.
  3. MSI is a quality brand. The 6870 has several improvements over the 5850, inluding better DirectX 11 tesselation.
  4. ok Thnx every1, I will go for MSI 6870 now. Once system build is complete, will place pic too. Thanks again :)
  5. It's a great card,happy gaming :D
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